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MORRELL FINE WINE AND SPIRITS Call 800.96.WINES (800.969.4637) • Visit us at • Complimentary delivery on all orders over $200 in NY 146 ThE NaiL-biTER viNTagE: 2016 gERMaNY The 2016 vintage in germany was a nail-biter for winemakers. The season started with a warmer-than-average winter that accelerated budbreak, followed by spring frost through much of the country and even into austria. f lowering was late, and yields looked to be down, but this didn't deter growers from remaining positive. It wasn't until the rains came—and didn't stop until well into July— that most producers realized there may be reason for worry. Then came the heat, which, coupled with high humidity, caused bacterial infections and rot in the bunches. The humidity left, but the heat did not, as it remained throughout August. Growers who worked the vineyards, sprayed and trimmed bad fruit survived through these conditions, but some vineyards lost their entire crop. Then September came, and with it the only weather that could save such a vintage—warm, dry days and cool nights. The well-manicured vineyards were able to recover health, yet yields were down by as much as 30%. Growers suddenly went from biting their nails to realizing that they could harvest at their leisure. Mother Nature had saved the day, but it would remain a small vintage with wines that spoke more of a winemaker's prowess than anything else. Now that the 2016 Rieslings are hitting our shores, we're being treated to our first taste of this unique vintage, and what we're tasting is quite good. The 2016s are in many cases very immediate wines with rich textures and an acidic spine that takes a back seat compared to vintages like '14 and '15. Yet these are wonderfully balanced wines that are so hard to resist already, and for those who love minerality—there's plenty to spare. It would be a mistake to pass on the 2016s, because these are wines that are sure to surprise a lot of people in the coming decades. ✦ GERMANY

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