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i t's here that vines find their homes on steeply-terraced mountainside slopes, said to be some of the most dangerous on e arth. t he dedicated farmers who tend these vines were raised to see this as a way of life, and the wines they produce from them encapsulate that passion and dedication. Ar. p e. p e, or Arturo p elizzatti p erego, is one such winery that has shown through its s assella r iserva that the v altellina is much more than just another n ebbiolo-producing region. i n fact, n ebbiolo from these soils of red rock and clay obtains a power that is perfectly contrasted by an alpine-infused sense of freshness and balance. i t's a wine that requires a decade of patience, making the 2002 the perfect place to start. ✦ Ar.Pe.Pe. v altellina Superiore Sassella Riserva Rocce Rosse 2002 AG 96 » $85 "...A wine for lovers of classic, traditionally-made n ebbiolo, the 2002 r occe r osse delivers the goods, and then some... d on't miss it." (1528023) The Wild s ide o F n ebbiolo: v al T ellina Instead of looking north for Nebbiolo, we look east to Lombardy and The Valtellina, a region more influenced by Austria and Switzerland than it is by Italy. i t A l Y

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