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MORRELL FINE WINE AND SPIRITS Call 800.96.WINES (800.969.4637) • Visit us at • Complimentary delivery on all orders over $150 in NY and CT 51 Als AC e The Magic o F Zind h u M brech T s teeped in the history of Alsace, the modern-day Zind- Humbrecht is led by Olivier Humbrecht, who is also one of the world's only winemakers to earn the Master of Wine status. Olivier's motives go deeper than the 400-years of family winemaking history that he can attest to. The fact is that he is driven by a passion for the land of Alsace and it's ability to create wines of noble stature. With access to over 100 acres of estate vineyards, you can image the amount of work that it must take to amass the vast portfolio that Zind Humbrecht is known for. The Pinot Gris Clos Windsbuhl hails from one of the family's most prestigious parcels, and one which also contains a very unique mix of soil, made up of clay, limestone and chalky rock. Along with its higher elevation and natural protection from harsh northerly winds, Clos Windsbuhl enjoys a long growing season and makes for the ideal location to grow Pinot Gris. This is one of the most highly aromatic wines you will ever encounter, matched by depths of fruit and minerality. ✦ Zind Humbrecht Pinot Gris Clos Windsbuhl Alsace 2013 i A 95 » $73 "The ability to reach this marvelous balance is the true magic of the Clos Windsbuhl and Olivier Humbrecht's talent." (1401028) iF iT 's r iesling Which d rives y ou i t's difficult to grasp what over 375 years of experience or thirteen generations of winemaking can impart on a family such as Hugel. Today they are determined to show that being steeped in history doesn't mean they aren't willing to learn and adapt. The newest releases of Hugel now place a tremendous importance on identifying the prestigious terroir, which the Grossi Laue (or Grand Crus) of Alsace have to offer. Having once been part of the Jubilee range of Hugel, the newly-minted Grossi Laue is produced from a number of select parcels from within the Grand Cru of Schoenenbourg. What's more, due to the severe selection and reduced crop of 2010, its production numbers are half that of past vintages as Jubilee. This is good news for collectors who have the patience to place the Grossi Laue in their cellars, as the wine has 40 years or more of positive development ahead of it. ✦ Hugel Riesling Grossi Laue 2010 SR 96 » $96 "...absolutely exceptional in its densely-woven and tension-filled complexity and mineral persistency." (1406012)

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