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MORRELL FINE WINE AND SPIRITS Call 800.96.WINES (800.969.4637) • Visit us at • Complimentary delivery on all orders over $150 in NY and CT 47 l oire Wha T is p er F ec T Ma T uri T y Wor T h? a mature Chenin Blanc is a thing of such beauty that there are very few white wines in the world that can compare. The mistake that most of us make is to enjoy them far too young, when they are tightly wound and only showing a glimpse of their potential. Direct from the cellars of Olga Raffault, we have the 1993, single vineyard Champ-Chenin. A Chenin Blanc that was originally released over 20-years ago as a youthful beauty in need of time in the cellar. Today however, it is a remarkable example of perfect maturity. This traditional Loire estate has changed nothing over the decades. Planted in a mix of limestone and Clay, the Champ- Chenin is Raffault's quintessential expression of Chenin Blanc. Their deep cellars house vintage upon vintage, just waiting for a library release such as this. ✦ Olga Raffault Chinon Blanc Champ Chenin 1993 JG 90 » $52 "...complex and racy, with a rock solid core, superb cut and grip and a very long, vibrant and classy finish." (1467001) e x ac T ly Wha T We c r ave T he way we look at Sancerre is changing very quickly. Suddenly a large emphasis has been placed on terroir, yet this is more of a change in our perception than anything else. Decades ago, winemakers throughout the region had identified the best locations and individual expressions that each vineyard was capable of. In reality, the only real change is in us. Daniel Chotard doesn't purposely make wine to appeal to current trends, yet the Sancerre from this house is exactly what we crave today. With 200 years of family winemaking at his back, Daniel and his son, Simon, farm the clay and Kimmeridgian limestone soils surrounding the village of Crezancy-en- Sancerre. The wines have been known throughout the region as some of the best of their kind, and the Cuvee Marcel Henri is their pure expression of flint driven Sancerre. ✦ Daniel Chotard Sancerre Cuvee Marcel Henri 2014 WS 89 » $35 "...Fresh and open, with lots of chive flower, thyme and savory notes bouncing along over a flinty spine..." (1470199)

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