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42 a perfect example is the historic property Clos des p apes, where owner and winemaker v incent Avril managed to turn out one of the top wines of the 2013 vintage, mainly due to having a good amount of m ourvèdre planted throughout his vineyards. As the heat of 2013 resulted in dark and rich g renache that tipped the ripeness scale, a healthy dose of m ourvèdre did a wonderful job of adding freshness and verve. i t's the blend of grapes in the 2013 Clos des p apes that produced this classic wine. With 55% g renache, 25% m ourvèdre, 15% s yrah, and 5% consisting of all other allowed varieties, Clos des p apes represents a dying breed of truly traditional Châteauneuf-du- p ape producers. b ut be warned, as production is significantly lower in 2013 than most vintages, it's very likely that 2013 will disappear quickly. ✦ Clos des Papes Châteauneuf-du-Pape 2013 JR 93–95 » $115 "... s weet and seamless in texture... b lends richness and vivacity smoothly, finishing spicy, focused and very long..." (1413065) b lending T o p er F ec T ion Just like the rest of the wine producing world, Châteauneuf-du-Pape is feeling the effects of global warming. What this means for many producers is that their heavy reliance on Grenache is starting to turn out overly-ripe and larger-scaled wines. However, winemakers who have continued to work with the traditional mix of Rhone varieties are now being rewarded for their vigilance. r hone

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