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Dom Perignon P2 1998 WS 98 » $374 " o ffers precision and finely detailed form, powered by an expansive palate of flavor." (188053) Dom Perignon 2006 AG 97 » $169 "...A beautifully balanced, harmonious d om p érignon... r ich, voluptuous and creamy, the 2006 shows off fabulous intensity..." (1801042) Dom Perignon P2 Rosé 1993 AG 96 » $725 "... t ruly spectacular. e xplosive, voluptuous and also quite tannic on the palate, the 1993 boasts superb density to match its powerful personality." (1803037) Dom Perignon P2 Rosé 1995 AG 95 » $695 "... s tunning. Young, delicate and vibrant in the glass, the 1995 has it all..." (1803016) c ha M pagne To l as T The a ges Known as the father of modern-day champagne, the name Dom Perignon was adopted by the Moet company when they sought to create the world's greatest prestige bottle. Seeing as they had already acquired the same Abby of Hautvillers and vineyards which Dom Perignon himself had used in the 17th century, the name and all the fame that came with it was assured. Ch A mp A gne y et it was the vision of the brand's creators that had propelled d om p erignon, the Champagne, to the heights it has reached today. t rue believers in evolution and the relevancy of vintage, they had pioneered the practice of library releases and proved to the world that this is a wine to last the ages. f or many Champagne lovers, vintage may not matter, but at d om p erignon it means everything. ✦

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