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l uckily for us that has all changed. s ome of that change came through a series of vintages that didn't lend the necessary structure to support these large-scaled wines. b ut more than anything, it was a realization that Châteauneuf-du- p ape was losing its identity. t oday the best examples from the region, and the wines that find perfect balance, are those created through traditional methods and with a focus on blending the classic r hone varieties. i t's a good time to be drinking, and collecting, Châteauneuf-du- p ape. ✦ The game has changed in Châteauneuf-du-Pape. After years of seeking over-ripeness and a move toward 100% Grenache, the best winemakers realized that they were no longer making wine to drink—They were making wines to score. The g a M e c hanger r hone

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