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r hone The Power of Two We have been talking about the wines of Jean- p ierre m onier for the last three years, and just when we thought that they couldn't get any better, the 2014 vintage arrived. t he big change at d omaine m onier is the taking on of a partner, fellow biodynamic winemaker, p hilippe p erreol. i n fact, when you compare the similar backgrounds and beliefs of these two talents everything easily falls into place. b oth men come from significant family holdings that were originally maintained to feed the larger cooperatives, until they realized that the potential of their unique terroir was being wasted. Jean- p ierre built the name of his d omaine by creating a pure and transparent representation of n orthern r hone t erroir. n ow with p hilippe's holdings and combined winemaking talents the d omaine m onier p erreol is surely destined for great things. ✦ D OMA i N e M ON ie R Pe RR e OL 2014 bottle St. Joseph (1414031) $39 St. Joseph Blanc (1414029) $43 St. Joseph Chatelet (1414032) $45 St. Joseph Terre Blanche (1414035) $54 St. Joseph Les Serves (1414034) $59 d ia M onds in The r ough Over the last decade St. Joseph has received a lot of attention, and with that attention came an influx of new producers and the expansion of the appellation. Now we find ourselves searching for those diamonds in the rough, as the name St. Joseph no longer carries the level of respect that it did many years ago. That's not to say that new blood of the region is not to be trusted, but that it pays to look deeper to the source, and often back to the people who made these steep hillside vineyards so popular in the first place.

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