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T here's only one place we could possibly be speaking of and that is the n orthern r hone. i f b urgundy is the elegant royalty of f rench wine, then the northern r hone is the war-hardened general. n owhere else does a wine speak so much of the savory side of s yrah, which dominates the vineyards throughout the region. t he best is found on steep, terraced hillsides of shallow granite and slate, along a short swath of the r hone river valley. h ere, the climate is Continental with cold, wet winters and hot, sun-drenched summers. As inhospitable as the weather may be to us, it is the ideal location for s yrah. b e warned, the wines of the northern r hone have a way of taking hold of you and never letting go. ✦ Dark, moody, savory, earthy, charred meat, pepper, smoke, spice, animal musk, and olive! The e ar T h b enea T h y our Fee T r hone

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