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MORRELL FINE WINE AND SPIRITS Call 800.96.WINES (800.969.4637) • Visit us at • Complimentary delivery on all orders over $150 in NY and CT 174 mA dier A The iMM or T al Madeir a There was a time when Madeira was the most popular wine in the United States. Our forefathers collected and enjoyed the various expressions of Madeira at public events, celebrations, or as an aperitif. s o what happened? Why isn't m adeira a household name to this day? As the region struggled against vine diseases, phylloxera, and of course, p rohibition, the entire category was all but forgotten for over a century. t hat has all changed now, and m adeira is back with a renewed vigor. p roduced on the island of m adeira in p ortugal, this fortified wine of near-immortal capabilities provides us with a peek into another time—in some cases, going back over 100 years. ✦ m adeira rating bottle TRWC (By Barbeito) Historic Series Baltimore Rainwater N v (1991011) JG 93 $54 Barbeito f reitas Signature v erdelho 1992 500ml (1991010) JG 94 $119 D'Oliveira Boal 1977 (199032) AG 94 $195 D'Oliveira Boal 1968 (R181) WS 96 $239 D'Oliveira Malvasia 1907 (1000182) NM 97 $819

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