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hat's not to say that Barolo Monprivato hasn't been a classic wine of the highest level for many years before that. However, it took an evolution in consumer understanding of traditional Barolo to perceive its true qualities. Many Barolo lovers lament that we didn't start buying these wines sooner. Located in Castiglione Falletto, the Mascarello family creates what is considered to be one of the greatest expressions of Barolo in the Piedmont. Monprivato is often misunderstood in its youth for its light color and tight, closed personality. However, it's in the cellar where Monprivato evolves into a masterpiece. There's good reason why this wine is waited on and hunted for by Barolo enthusiasts the world over. When Monprivato sheds its youthful shell, the results are a wine of the highest level, often compared to the absolute best red Burgundy. Giuseppe Mascarello Barolo Monprivato 2010 AG 96 $175 "Knockout nose"…"superb concentration"…"A wine of great length and potential" (1712028) Producer Profile: Giuse PP e Mascarello The Mascarello family has been involved in Piedmont winemaking for over 100 years. However, it was only in the last two decades, under the ownership of Mauro Mascarello, that this staunch traditionalist Barolo began to receive the respect it deserves T » xxx d essert Wines The sW ee T es T p er F ec T ion These aren't just for dessert. The misconception that a sweet wine should be enjoyed at the end of a meal is outdated to say the least. Going back a millennium, vinous tradition was first built on wines such as these. They were the preference of Emperors and Kings, which are taken for granted today. No where else will you find such ageability, nuance, depth, and the other-worldly aromas, flavors and textures that are provided within. i taly rating bottle Cusumano Moscato dello Zucco Sicily 2009 (375ml) (1005286) WS 90 $49 Paolo Bea Sagrantino di Montefalco Passito 2009 (375ml) (3528049) $82 f ontodi v in Santo 2007 (375ml) (3553004) $95 Marco de Bartoli Passito di Pantelleria Bukkuram Padre delle v igne 2008 (500ml) (1470154) i A 95 $99 Quintarelli Amabile del Cere Passito Bianco 2003 (375ml) (3250114) AG 95 $279 Fran C e rating bottle Doisy v edrines Sauternes 2007 (375ml) (37505) NM 93 $31 Coutet Sauternes Barsac 2007 (123814) WS 95 $69 Suduiraut Sauternes 2005 (126854) WS 93 $79 Nairac Sauternes Barsac 2007 (123810) NM 92 $94 SPAIN rating bottle Telmo Rodriguez Molino Malaga 2005 (500ml) (325500) LG 96 $69

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