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MORRELL FINE WINE AND SPIRITS Call 800.96.WINES (800.969.4637) • Visit us at • Complimentary delivery on all orders over $150 in NY and CT 139 g erm A n Y a Modern- d ay p ioneer a ndreas Adam, of the Middle Mosel, is best known for a collection of wines made from the Hofberg vineyard, with a soil composition of mostly weathered slate and clay. Going back over a decade, the vines of Hofberg didn't receive the recognition that they do today, and it's Andreas that we have to thank for its newfound fame. Much of this has to do with his willingness to work these steep slopes and tend to their complex soils. Over the years, we've come to expect good things from A.J. Adam in every vintage, but in 2015, the A.J. Adam In der Sängerei Feinherb took things to an all new level. In der Sängerei is sourced from a small section of the Hofberg vineyard, which Andreas felt would benefit from allowing a small amount of residual sugar to remain after fermentation. The results are phenomenal, and it's easy to see why Adam has bottled it separately. ✦ A.J. Adam Dhron Hofberg Riesling f einherb i n der Sangerei 2015 $50 "Rich and spicy with ripe citrus. Silky textures that filled the senses before contrasting notes of green apple and tart citrus joined the fray. One of the highlights of my 2015 Riesling tastings." E. Guido (1661046) c a T apul T ed T o Wine M aking sT ardo M j ulian moved on from his last career as a chef and immediately jumped into the German wine scene with apprenticeships at some of the most revered properties. Egon Muller, Emrich Schonleber, and Peter Keller all had their influence on Julian's talents, and today he's applying those talents to make some of the most exciting wines in the Mosel. Haart's holdings in the Mosel may only include a little over four hectares, but it's the prestige and potential of those locations that matters most. His holdings in Goldtröpfchen and a small subsection of the vineyard named Schubertslay have turned out some of the top wines of the 2015 vintage. However, what's more important is the consistency of excellence that we find throughout the entire range. ✦ Julian Haart Riesling Mosel 2015 JG 91 » $24 "...Crisp and beautifully balanced, with fine focus and grip, a lovely core...excellent mineral drive and precision. Fine juice." (1662036) Julian Haart Riesling Kabinett Goldtropfchen 2015 JG 94+ » $32 highly limited "...stunning wine...long, racy and beautifully filigreed...the very finest Kabinetten of the vintage...Great wine." (1662037)

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