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f inger lAK es Hermann J. Wiemer came to the United States with the goal of finding the ideal location to grow Riesling outside of his native country of Germany. a n i con T o c all o ur oW n W ith a family winemaking heritage that spanned 300 years in the m osel v alley, h ermann decided to call the f inger l akes his new home. l ocated in d undee, on the western shore of s eneca l ake, it was the cool climate and gravelly soils, similar to those found throughout his family's vineyards in the m osel, that piqued his interest and helped define what is now the most prized location for r iesling in the n ew World. t oday, the h ermann J. Wiemer winery continues his life's work, with a range of hand-crafted r iesling that has been hailed as one of the world's best. i nfused with the winemaking prowess of f red m erwarth, h ermann's own apprentice, we have witnessed a renewed sense of vigor and the continuing legacy of an i con that n ew York can call its own. ✦ Hermann J. Wiemer Riesling HJW v ineyard f inger Lakes 2014 MS 94+ » $39 "...from one of the most prestigious sites, Wiemer's original vineyard (planted in 1978 on largely shale soils)... t he terrific core of concentrated fruit is supported and lifted by the freshness this site imparts... a r iesling with remarkable potential..." (1800028)

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