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C A liforni A t he r idge e state m erlot is sourced from fruit that would otherwise have gone into the flagship m onte b ello, yet as these vines have aged, they began to show their own personality and potential. h ence the decision was made to bottle it separately. Ridge v ineyards Merlot e state 2013 AG 92 » $57 "...shows just how extraordinary this vintage is at r idge. d ark and virile to the core, the 2013 is flat-out delicious..." (1701022) We can't speak about r idge without mentioning their iconic Zinfandel from s onoma. t he 2013 l ytton s prings is being hailed as one of the best they've ever produced. i f you had to pick one Z i nfandel to place in your cellar, this should be it. Ridge Zinfandel Lytton Springs Sonoma 2013 AG 95 » $45 " p owerful and explosive in the glass...the team at r idge has produced an absolutely compelling l ytton s prings." (1714011) k ing o F T he Moun T ain The fact that Ridge is one of the most historic properties in California is an absolute. What they have done for the popularity of the American-made Bordeaux blend and showing the world that Zinfandel can be a wine of stature and longevity is unparalleled by any other producer. Looking back on decades of great vintages, the one thing that Ridge seemed to be missing was a varietal Merlot—until now. ✦

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