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MORRELL FINE WINE AND SPIRITS Call 800.96.WINES (800.969.4637) • Visit us at • Complimentary delivery on all orders over $150 in NY and CT 124 C A liforni A o nly ten years ago, the majority of California p inot n oir was made in a fruit-forward and over- the-top style. e verything was about pushing the fruit to its ripest point, and if something went wrong in the vineyard, there was usually a chemical treatment to fix it. A new shift in focus has revitalized the p inot-centric winemakers of California whose mission has become finding the most ideal locations to grow fruit of purity and depth. f or them it is the soil, the climate and the grape that come before all else, and their devotion to these factors is now paying off in spades. ✦ In California, things are constantly in a state of evolution. The n e W World b urgundy Ahead of Their Time i n 1982, Adam t olmach, along with Jim Clendenen, started Au b on Climat. l ittle did they know at the time that the future of p inot n oir in California was being assured by their efforts. Yet as successful as Au b on Climat became, Adam t olmach decided to travel his own path and returned to his family home and farm in the o jai v alley. i t wasn't easy in the beginning, but through a restrained style of winemaking that would seem more e uropean than American, o jai was in the perfect position to rise to the occasion as consumers' palates began to change. i n the 2014 vintage, we were treated to a new addition to the o jai portfolio with the premier of the Kessler h aak vineyard. What separates Kessler h aak from the rest of the lineup at o jai is the use of whole clusters during fermentation, a technique that Adam had been waiting eagerly to employ while he searched for the perfect terroir for his new wine. Ojai Pinot Noir Kessler Haak v ineyard 2014 AG 95 » $42 " t his is pure class, not to mention a superb debut... t hese are some of the best wines readers will find anywhere for the money." (1705319)

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