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T he changes in Champagne go far beyond its borders. i n the world today, the importance of stewardship means more than anything. We strive to understand the origins of our food and to support the families who tend the land. We want purity, integrity and the ability to put our hands around something tangible. t he g rower Champagne movement provided all of these things, as families with generations of vine-growing experience decided to begin producing and bottling their own Champagne. s uddenly the status quo meant nothing, as these artisans strived to make something great from their land, something that they would be proud to put their names on. As a result, the importance of place has been reaffirmed in Champagne, and the region has been changed forever. ✦ Many people in the trade thought it was a phase, and some never even knew it was happening, yet now we have seen the staying power of the grower movement. The g ro W ers Far M T o Table in c ha M pagne Ch A mp A gne

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