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MORRELL FINE WINE AND SPIRITS Call 800.96.WINES (800.969.4637) • Visit us at • Complimentary delivery on all orders over $150 in NY and CT 100 GERMANY The 2014 vintage in Germany can be described as turbulent to say the least. gerMany's drinK Me noW vinTage: 2014 T hat's not to say that the wines aren't worth your time. In fact, it's quite the opposite, because what 2014 does deliver in spades is approachability. Many of these wines are so good now that you won't be able to keep your hands off of them. What is most important, though, is to be picky, because where some producers turned out an exciting set of stunning Riesling—others fell short. There were two events which affected the 2014 vintage in Germany. First was an early bud break and flowering, which put the vintage three weeks ahead of expectations. However, through July the region enjoyed moderate weather with warm days, cool nights and sufficient rain fall. The result was a large crop of early, yet healthy grapes. Growers throughout the region were very positive about the vintage until the second event occurred: rain, which started in August and in some regions lasted into September. Many vineyards even began to flood. This coupled with continuous warm weather created rot. Suddenly growers were forced to pre-harvest, dropping large portions of their fruit in an attempt to save the healthy bunches. In fact, if it wasn't for the large crop set, many producers would have lost their entire production. The good news is that what remained on the vines were healthy grapes. In general, the 2014s came out as more approachable and elegant than the 2013s, showing high, yet balanced acidity. In most cases, they also have high must weights and lower alcohol levels because of higher dry extract and low sugars at the time of harvest. The results are beautifully aromatic wines, which show gorgeous finesse, along with saturating fruit and minerals on the back palate—and into the finish. It's a very attractive combination. Essentially, 2014 is the best-drinking vintage of German Riesling on the market. ✦ 2014 riesling bottle A.J. Adam in der Sangerei Mosel (1660203) $51 donnhoff Trocken Kreuznacher Kahlenberg (1661032) Limited $42 donnhoff 'felsenturmchen' Schlossbockelheimer felsenberg Grosses Gewachs (1661031) Limited $74 Jakob Schneider Trocken 'Magnus' niederhauser Hermannshohle (1661033) Limited $45 Schloss lieser Spatlese Brauneberger Juffer Sonnenuhr (1661034) $39 Selbach-oster Zeltinger Sonnenuhr Spatlese feinherb Ur Alte Reben (1661029) $32 Selbach-oster Zeltinger Schlossberg 'Schmitt' (1661030) $52 von winning deidesheimer langenmorgen Grosses Gewachs (1660204) Limited $79

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