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b ordeaux began to lose traction with many wine lovers over the last few years and was in danger of becoming a category dominated by the collector market. Much of this had to do with the rising prices, increased demand from China and the past recession, which turned the Futures system on its ear. The good news is that quality never suffered, nor did the Bordelaise ever decide to rest on past laurels. Instead, the smaller Chateaux stepped up their game, and the larger houses began to work on making sure that the best wines could still find their way into the hands of wine lovers—not just collectors. Today we see a large increase in second and third wines of outstanding quality, as well as an emphasis on value. What's more, the affirmation of the great 2005 vintage put many of us at ease. These are great wines that span a broad price range and can still be found in the market. As consumers start to taste Bordeaux again, the consensus is—Bordeaux is back. ✦ How many great vintages can one region have? bordeaux is bacK BORDEAUx

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