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F or some of us, the only time we enjoy this bubbly elixir is during the holidays or for a celebration. Frankly, if that's the case, then you're missing out. Champagne has come a long way since the stylish yet less functional flute glass came into fashion. Today, choosing a larger-bowled glass can be the difference between a palate-cleansing refresher and a Burgundian bouquet that will keep you tipping the glass over and over. What's more, quality has never been so high across the region. The emergence of grower Champagne has caused a rethinking of principals and going back to basics for the largest houses. Today, we see the top names in Champagne producing the best wines ever in their history. It's a good time to be a Champagne lover, whether it's at the dinner table, toasting the holiday, or on its own in the spotlight—Champagne is an experience every wine-lover should know. ✦ Sitting with some friends before dinner, and the topic of conversation came up as to why people don't drink more Champagne? bacK To basics: The reeMergence oF greaT chaMpagne CHAMPAGNE

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