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d on't envy these winemakers, but be grateful that their passion and persistence has continued to bring us a selection of great wines—no matter how little there is to go around. For one thing, the importance placed on biodynamic principles has paid off in spades for a number of producers and is now finding its way into many vineyards across the region. This is a good sign for Burgundy lovers, as it means that the best is yet to come. Yet there's only so much they can do to counteract Mother Nature. In the end, the greatest winemakers will always endure through even the most difficult vintages. The Run down Don't sleep on 2011, as much of the wine-buying public has already done. This was an incredibly strange growing season of ups and downs from winter through the end of summer, which was also marked by excessive rain. However, today we are seeing that the majority of 2011 Burgundy is simply a pleasure to drink. These are not wines for the ages, but no one can deny how exotic and unexpectedly enjoyed they are today. In 2012, fans of Burgundy have been blessed by a selection of incredible wines; the only problem is finding them, as once again production is quite low. However, the good news is that many producers' village-level wines are better than ever and represent excellent value to consumers. In 2013, it was all about triage. A cool and wet spring led to late flowering, which was followed by a warm and sunny summer. However, July brought one of the worst hailstorms in history. Winemakers up to the task of picking through damaged berries and severe sorting in the winery turned out a set of incredible wines that have come out much better than anyone had expected. ✦ Burgundy has seen its share of hard times over the last few vintages--from late f owering, drenching rain and rot, to unusually warm or cold seasons. Thriving Through adversiTy BURGUNDY

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