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MORRELL FINE WINE AND SPIRITS cALL 800.96.WINES (800.969.4637) • vISIT uS AT MORRELLWINE.cOM • cOMPLIMENTARy DELIvERy ON ALL ORDERS OvER $100 IN Ny AND cT 57 Living among the vines W ith the Grand Cru of Sommerberg being but a stone's throw away from the family home, Jean Boxler, of Albert Boxler, literally lives amongst the vines. He is intense and serious about his land, his craft, and his wines. Vinifying each microclimate separately and aging in large neutral foudres before deciding to blend or bottle each as a unique, declassified expression of terroir. The result--Albert Boxler creates some of the world's most unique, complex and exciting white wines. ✦ Albert boxler bottle Pinot Gris 2011 (1406000) $40 Pinot Gris Reserve 2009 (1406001) $50 Riesling Reserve Alsace 2012 (1401010) $59 Pinot Gris Sommerberg Wiptal Grand Cru 2011 (1406007) $79 Pinot Gris Brand Grand Cru 2011 (1406002) $84 grand Cru of austrian riesLing L ocated in the Wachau Valley along the snaking Danube River, we find F.X. Pichler who has become world- renowned for their intense and crystalline expressions of Riesling, which dazzle the senses while intriguing the intellect. With each vintage, the goal is to provide a perfect representation of the climate, the vineyard and the grape. Their single-vineyard bottlings hail from steep terraced slopes, originating from the 13th century. From these hand-tended vineyards come wines born of the earth and the very special microclimate of the Wachau, which provides a constant push and pull of warmth and cooling influences. The Rieslings of F.X. Pichler are hailed as the greatest examples from Austria, as they are some of the most intense and dramatically layered wines you could hope to ever experience. ✦ F.x. Pichler bottle Riesling Loibner Oberhauser Smaragd 2011 (1660141) $48 Riesling Loibner Steinertal Smaragd 2011 (1660142) $62 Gruner Veltliner Durnsteiner Liebenberg Smaragd Wachau 2011 (1660140) $65 Riesling M Reserve Wachau 2011 (1660143) $84 AlsAce & AustriA

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