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Region Name Here MORRELL & COMPANY FINE WINE AND SPIRITS 10% off all purchases $250 or more • To order, call 800.96.WINES (800.969.4637) or visit us at 4 2 011 may have been one of the most unusual growing seasons on record in Burgundy. With a warm and dry winter, followed by an unusually hot spring, most growers feared their 2011's would be overripe and that they'd be picking in mid-August. However, July brought much cooler temperatures which lasted through the rest of the summer, slowing the ripening process. Then there was the rain—a lot of rain. Fear set in that 2011 would be a wash. Yet in the end, the results were something unexpected, and in many cases, very special. 2011 did end up being an early harvest yet not a "ripe" vintage; in fact, most wines are generally low in alcohol. Selection in the vineyards was imperative, as we can see with production down 30-40%, but for the quality-minded and attentive producer, the results are widely successful. For the consumer, selection is the key, as many of the top 2011 Burgundies are built for the cellar, while others show a remarkably early approachability—not necessarily a bad thing. While difficult to follow vintages like '09 and '10, in the end, 2011 ranks among one of the best vintages of the past decade. Some producers went on to comment that their 2011's were some of the most exciting wines they've ever produced. And as we have seen from other idiosyncratic vintages of the past, 2011 may end up much better than we even expect. The only downfall is that there's not a lot of it to go around. ✦ 2011 buRgundy: ThRiVing ThROugh adVeRsiTy "The best 2011 Red Burgundies are striking, quintessentially transparent wines that capture the essence of site." –Antonio Galloni Red BuRgundy

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