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xxx | 79 MORRELL FINE WINE AND SPIRITS V ISIT u S AT MORRELLWINE .c OM cALL 800.96.WINES (800.969.4637) Pu TT i NG V O u VR a Y ON TH e Ma P The history of Huet started over 80 years ago, when its founder, Victor Huet moved to the small Loire Valley town–though the history of the vineyards that have made these wines great started many centuries before. These are, in fact, the Grand Crus of Vouvray: Le Mont, Clos du Bourg, and Le Haut-Lieu, where Chenin Blanc reaches its apogee. However, because of Victor and his son Gaston's determination to acquire these choice parcels and focus on quality winemaking, we are now treated to the wonders that Vouvray can achieve–putting the town on the map. W ith continued improvements and a long-standing biodynamic regimen in the vineyards and the cellar, it is believed that Domaine Huet is now making the best wines in the history of the estate. Their Demi-Sec and m oelleux are thought to be nearly immortal, as witnessed from the occasional library release that collectors are treated to, and the Sec is of the highest order; nowhere else can you find a dry v ouvray of this depth. But what is truly baffling is how the wines remain so fairly priced. To think of the price-versus-rarity-versus-ageability- versus-score ratio of each of these wines boggles the mind. ✦ d omaine h uet V ou V ray rating bottle Sec Haut Lieu 2017 750ml (1470280) $39 375ml (3470280) $24 d emi-Sec Haut-Lieu 2017 750ml (1470350) WS 93 $42 375ml (3470350) WS 93 $24 Sec Clos du Bourg 2017 (1470279) $42 Sec Le Mont 2017 (1470281) WS 91 $42 d emi-Sec Le Mont 2017 (1470351) WS 94 $45 d emi-Sec Clos du Bourg 2017 (1470282) WS 93 $45 Moelleux Le Mont 2017 (1500833) WS 96 $48 Moelleux 1er Trie Le Mont 2017 (1500832) WS 97 $67

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