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xxx | 55 moRRell FINe WINe AND SPIRITS vISIT uS AT moRRellWINe.Com CAll 800.96.WINeS (800.969.4637) THe 2016 ViNTaGe RePORT What 2016 offers that 2015 lacked was grace, fi nesse and cool- toned appeal. While 2015 may be a vintage for the ages, the question will be often asked of just how long it will take for the wines to reach maturity. That's where the appeal of 2016 comes into play. Here we are presented with a set of wines that speak of their terroir and the dark-fruited animal nature of the Rhone, while delivering rounder, soft tannins and enveloping layers of fruit. an early glimpse into your stocks of 2016 is not only welcome, it's recommended, because even as these wines are sure to age effortlessly for the next twenty years, it would be a shame to miss their young, primary fruit. The vintage had a turbulent growing season, with a cold and wet spring, a torrid and hot summer, but then an ideally cool and dry fall. This mix of weather delayed ripening, allowing the grapes to develop depths of fruit with ripe tannins, and in the end, created ideal conditions for harvest. as usual, the only problem with being a collector of Northern Rhone wines is their limited nature. However, it's not too late to secure many of the best wines of the 2016 vintage.

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