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BoRDeAux THe GaMe CHaNGeR The rules of the game have changed, and the Bordelaise know it. Consumers have spoken with their wallets. They've turned their noses up at vintages that don't suit their needs and a system that guaranteed annual price increases. The result was a downturn in sales of Bordeaux across the united States that lasted for years. However, Bordeaux was listening all along. at nearly every tasting, every dinner, and every visit to each Chateau, the number one question posed by the winemakers and owners has been, "What can we do better?" Today we are presented with a new paradigm of Bordeaux, one that has turned its focus back to terroir, the introduction of organic viticulture and a row-by-row, vine-by-vine mentality. One that has introduced tanks and barrels of all sizes, from completely neutral to new, and some even made from the very soils and clay found in their vineyards. The best part is that we aren't just talking about the smaller houses; this new manifesto is being championed by the likes of Chateau Latour, Pontet Canet and Chateau Palmer. The goal is simple, to show that Bordeaux is deserving of its status and deserving of your cellar. Bordeaux has been listening, and the wines have never been better. We invite you to fall back in love with Bordeaux.

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