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FALL 2018

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CHAmPAGNe WeLCOMe TO THe WORLd OF CHaMPaGNe delving into the world of Champagne can seem like a daunting task. For ages it was a category of wine relegated to celebratory purposes. Often enjoyed from fl ute glasses that hindered the wine's aromatic profi le and sipped absentmindedly during receptions and toasts. There were the prestige bottles that adorned the tables of the best restaurants, yet the average customer would hardly have the chance to taste them. dom Perignon and Cristal appeared to only exist within the world of high society. However, all of that has changed. in the last decade, large Champagne houses have opened their doors, their cellars and their minds. They have welcomed us in to better understand what makes each of them unique, and turned their attention back to terroir. Much of this was the result of the "Grower" movement, which showed the region of Champagne that the world wanted to see the face behind the wine. it wanted to know that the region was more than just brands, markets and money changing hands. The world wanted to taste not only the variety in the bottle but also the place from which it came, along with the signature of the grower. as a result, quality sky-rocketed and created a diverse mix of Champagne, both in style and price points, that would satisfy even the most demanding palates. Now we drink Champagne with a meal. We pair it with our cuisine. We meditate over the details found within our large-bowled glasses and are fully content, as well as confi dent, that Champagne has forever changed. We welcome you to explore the world of Champagne.

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