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FALL 2018

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vISIT u S AT mo RR ell WIN e. C om mo RR ell FIN e WIN e AND SPIRITS C A ll 800.96.WIN e S (800.969.4637) H ol IDAY G IFT Gu ID e | 183 N O Wi N e L OV e R SHO u L d B e W i THO u T —T H e d u R a N d F ar from just a corkscrew, the Durand is a precision tool created for the serious wine lover and an absolute necessity for the collector of rare and vintage bottles. Corks were never intended to last for decades, yet replacing them can have a negative impact on older wines. The result are corks which crumble or break, causing frustration and loss of ultimate enjoyment from our treasured stocks. The Durand was developed by a wine collector for his own use, until word of its benefits spread quickly to sommeliers and collectors. In an easy, two-step process, The Durand removes older, fragile or compromised corks and eliminates the unwanted outcomes of broken corks, corks pushed into bottles or corks partially removed leaving pieces floating in the wine. The Durand removes the cork whole and contained, making it an invaluable tool. If you buy one wine accessory this year— make it The Durand. ✦ price The d urand Wine Opener Corkscrew (DURAND) $125 Wi N e P R e S e RV a T i ON Rei M a G i N ed i magine being able to enjoy any wine from the cellar, glass by glass, knowing that what remains in the bottle will be just as fresh as pulling the cork on a new wine. Coravin has changed the way we think of wine preservation. Instead of opening a bottle with hopes that it's ready to drink or knowing that once the cork is pulled, the bottle will need to be finished, The Coravin now allows us to enjoy glass after glass of our best wines without ever pulling the cork. It may sound unbelievable, but it's absolutely true. The Coravin works by inserting a small, medical-grade needle into the cork of any bottle; the bottle is then pressurized with inert gas, allowing the wine to pour freely into your glass, and as the needle is removed, the cork reseals itself with the argon gas left in place of any added oxygen…simple, right? Honestly, it is, and to watch the process and enjoy a wine that was first tasted two or more weeks beforehand truly seals the deal. ✦ price Coravin Model ii (coravin) $299 Replacment capsules 2-pack (coravincap) $23

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