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FALL 2018

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C A ll 800.96.WIN e S (800.969.4637) vISIT u S AT mo RR ell WIN e. C om mo RR ell FIN e WIN e AND SPIRITS H ol IDAY G IFT Gu ID e 182 | ON e GL a SS TO u N i T e TH e M a LL O ne glass for all wine, a universal glass, is a concept that has been regaining popularity. We've all fallen into the trap of owning ten different glasses to fit each major variety and region. Yet, now after ten years of professionally tasting wine, a universal glass is what I reach for every time. The reason is simple; a great glass that feels perfectly balanced in your hand and delivers a pure translation of each wine's performance is all that you really need. The Gabriel-Glas is made strong by design, the Standart u niversal is one solid piece made from lead-free crystal. The balance from base to stem to rim makes it a pleasure to hold, feeling more like an extension of your hand than a glass. The bowl was created to perfectly replicate the effect of a decanter, making it ideal for all types of wine. m eanwhile, the Gabriel-Glas Gold e dition is a hand-blown work of art that feels like a feather in your hand, yet will stand the test of time. The effect of weightlessness and elegance is otherworldly as you enjoy your finest vintages. ✦ Gabriel-Glas Stand a rt u niversal Wine Glass $39.95 2-pack (9408051) Gabriel Glas Gold e dition u niversal Wine Glass $89.95 2-pack (9408001) T H e z a LTO e x P e R ie NC e Y ou hunt for each precious bottle and often pay a pretty price. You build a wine cellar and watch as your cherished acquisitions bloom into maturity. Then the day comes, after all the care and thought that went into this passion for wine, to finally open that bottle—isn't it worth using a glass which will increase your comfort and pleasure, while also accentuating the bouquet and flavor of your wine? That is where Zalto comes in. A Zalto glass is like an extension of your hand; feeling light as a feather, while remaining firm and elegant. They are a pleasure to hold and perfectly accentuate each nuance in the glass and on the palate. This is not like any other wine glass, and once you're experienced Zalto, all others will pale in comparison. Zalto glasses are mouth-blown, making each one, its own work of art. They are l ead-free and dishwasher-safe for convenience. With time, you'll find yourself wondering how you enjoyed wine before Zalto. ✦ price z alto Burgundy Glass (9400886) $64 z alto Bordeaux Glass (9400887) $62 z alto White Wine Glass (9400889) $58 z alto u niversal Glass (9400888) $60 *price is per glass

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