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| 177 MORRELL FINE WINE AND SPIRITS V ISIT u S AT MORRELLWINE .c OM cALL 800.96.WINES (800.969.4637) SPIRITS The Reposado represents elegance and refinement at it's best, imparted by eight months of aging in hand- selected oak barrels. Clase a zul Tequila Reposado $99 (1102592) The Anejo is aged to perfection, obtaining an unbelievable level of richness and depth matched by a superior selection of Agave fruit. Clase a zul Tequila a nejo $480 (1102603) The Plata is a model of purity, perfectly reflecting the immaculate flavor profile of highland Weber Blue agaves. Clase a zul Tequila Plata $80 (1102602) aRT i S a N a L T O T H e C OR e: C L a S e a zu L Tequila has undergone a transformation in the eyes of spirits lovers around the world, who have awoken to its historic roots, that predate the discovery of the a mericas, and levels of quality and unique expressions, that can compare with the best brown spirits. M uch of this is the result of community, family traditions, and the desire to create an authentic product of place. The Tequila of Clase Azul embodies all of these principles, even down to the bottles, each one a unique piece of art handcrafted in their hometown of Santa m aria Canchesda. However, it's what we find within each bottle that has been thrilling collectors of fine Tequila. Clase Azul is sourced from Tequilana Weber Blue agaves, grown in the highest parts of l os Altos, or the highlands, in the region of Jalisco. e ach one is harvested by hand, and then cooked in old-fashioned brick ovens for 72 hours before crushing and double distillation. ✦

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