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S uddenly, the opinions of the few outweighed those of the many, as law abiding citizens found themselves looking to back alleys, speakeasies and bootleggers to supply them with their favorite libations. Businessmen, lawyers, law enforcement and even Presidents hid their secret stashes from prying eyes, yet everyone knew that right below the surface, the majority of our nation wanted change. It took fourteen years and the 21st Amendment to repeal Prohibition. In celebration of these freedoms, and with pride for their hometown, Prohibition Distillery was created in Roscoe, New York, sourcing all of their materials, including the 100% corn mash used to make Bootlegger bourbon, from the State of New York. Bootlegger Bourbon is pot distilled and aged in new charred toasted oak barrels, before being blended to a smooth 92 proof prior to bottling. It's a rich and deeply satisfying glass of Bourbon, showing wonderful balance with flavors of cinnamon, vanilla and dark chocolate. ✦ Bootlegger Bourbon 21 "New York" $48 (1101123) iN a Ne W Y ORK S T a T e OF Mi N d The enactment of Prohibition in the 1920s changed the landscape of the u nited States forever.

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