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172 | MORRELL FINE WINE AND SPIRITS V ISIT u S AT MORRELLWINE .c OM cALL 800.96.WINES (800.969.4637) De SS e RT , B RANDY AND Po RT T raditionally, an Armagnac is brought to life using a blend of white grapes, which are distilled in column stills, and refined in m onlezun black oak over the course of many years. u nlike Cognac, Armagnac doesn't undergo a second distillation, resulting in a much rounder, fragrant and finessed expression, yet no less detailed. In fact, when it comes to Brandy, there is no other that is as deeply loved within France's borders as Armagnac. These immortal gems remain frozen in time within each bottle, just waiting for you to explore. ✦ a rmagnac rating bottle Château de Laubade Bas 1993 (1111016) $145 Château de Laubade Bas 1900 Millennium Cuvee 2000 (1110022) $2750 d omaine d' a urensan Single Cask 1975 (1110021) VM 95 $345 Laberdolive d omaine d e Jaurray 1923 (1111009) $2995 iMMORT a L Be LOV ed Cognac receives the most recognition among Brandy lovers, yet this is more the result of large scale branding and production. i n fact a rmagnac was one of the first distilled spirits produced in France, and remains an artisanal creation of family and passion to this day.

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