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FALL 2018

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BuRGuNDY a NeW ReNaiSSaNCe eMeRGeS For years now, we've all been worried that Burgundy would slip into the realm of the unobtainable, with quantities on the decline, prices on the rise, and popularity through the roof. There appeared to be no ceiling on what the region could accomplish, and when it comes to the top producers and the greatest of Grand Crus, that may still be true. However, there is a glimmer of hope with the 2016 vintage arriving on our shores, the 2017 vintage promising higher quantity, and a remarkable uptick in quality across the board with the village-level wines. all across Burgundy, we are witnessing a new emphasis on the small terroir surrounding each village, as the terms "micro-parcel" and "micro-vinifi cation" are heard more and more often. This new way of thinking has bred an entirely new category of village level-wine, at village-level pricing, which is over-delivering in every way. There's no way to tell how long this opportunity will exist, but at this moment, a collector can fi ll their cellar with the best names of Burgundy, and at a fraction of what their Premier and Grands cru wines would cost.

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