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| 163 SPAIN MORRELL FINE WINE AND SPIRITS V ISIT u S AT MORRELLWINE .c OM cALL 800.96.WINES (800.969.4637) The Planetes de Nin is a wine made from the "young" vines (15 years and older) from their holdings in the Finca les Planetes vineyard. Hand-tended and grown through strict biodynamic principles, the Planetes de Nin is then fermented with wild yeast before being aged in foudre. What emerges is a wine that is nothing like the Priorat you have come to know. Though Burgundian is one way to describe it, it thrills you with an exoticism all its own. Familia Nin Ortiz Nit de Nin Priorat Planetes de Nin 2015 W a 95 » $47 "... Has to be the finest Planetes to date. Bravo!" Luis Gutiérrez (1636030) l a Coma d' e n Romeu comes from a vineyard that the winery has been working with for many years, yet has only recently acquired. These 72 year-old Grenache vines must be picked early, as they bake under the intense Priorat heat. Yet through early picking, careful selection, and e ster Nin's methodologies in the cellar, they've produced one of the top wines of the vintage. Familia Nin Ortiz Nit de Nin Priorat La Coma d' e n Romeu 2015 W a 98 » $98 "... The essence of the Mediterranean...Stunning, simply amazing." Luis Gutiérrez (1636029) Rede F i N i NG P R i OR a T Having cut her teeth in the vineyards of Mas Martinet and Clos i Terrasses, e ster Nin sought out her own vines on the treacherous and rugged slopes of Mas d' e n Caçador. i t's here that she practiced and perfected her biodynamic principles, which are now catching on throughout the region. i t's been said that the name of e ster Nin has become more well-known than the wines themselves, as she continues to thrill tasters with a style that baffles those expecting your average Priorat. a dd Carles Ortiz to the mix, with his holdings in the Finca les Planetes vineyard and like-minded thoughts on natural winemaking and style, and you have the diverse portfolio of Familia Nin Ortiz.

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