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xxx 158 | moRRell FINe WINe AND SPIRITS vISIT uS AT moRRellWINe.Com CAll 800.96.WINeS (800.969.4637) SPAIN THe WiNe LOVeR'S TReaSuRe TROVe as the scarcity of Burgundy escalates, the prices of Bordeaux climb, and the explosion of popularity in Barolo continues, most of us are left wondering where the next great Old-World reds will come from. There are a few regions that may be up to the challenge, but one that's already fi lled this niche, and one that too many of us have ignored, is Spain. Rioja, Priorat, and the Ribera del duero, excel at making World Class wines that compete with anything you will fi nd in both the New World and The Old. RiOJa Rioja remains one of the best regions for wine lovers to fi nd reds of amazing depth, sheer enjoyability, value and the ability to age. Traversing this landscape reveals a diverse set of styles: from the ripe and sleek to enjoy tonight, to the cooler-climate, crisp and age-worthy that appeal to the purist and follower of traditional styles. PRiORaT Priorat continues to evolve in a very positive way for modern-day wine lovers and collectors, as the region moves further away from the big, dark, oak-infl ected wines of the past, and brings an importance on terroir and purity front and center. RiBeRa deL dueRO Ribera del duero has proven over and over again to be capable of producing wines that can compete with the likes of Bordeaux and Napa Valley. However, in recent vintages, we are witnessing a renewed focus on fi nesse, purity and minerality, as high-elevation vineyards are being used to create a unique selection of wines that have added a whole signature expression within the region.

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