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xxx 146 | moRRell FINe WINe AND SPIRITS vISIT uS AT moRRellWINe.Com CAll 800.96.WINeS (800.969.4637) THe WiLLaMeTTe BaRReL auCTiON d ue to the recent surge in popularity of Pinot Noir from the Willamette valley, the growers association created The Willamette Barrel Auction to celebrate the recognition that oregon Pinot is enjoying around the world. members of the press and trade flood into the region for an intensive two days of winery tours, tastings and workshops, which all culminate in the Barrel Auction. Here they have the chance to secure limited production Pinots from their favorite wineries. This is the rarest of the rare, as producers work from the start of the season through bottling to provide the greatest expression of their terroir and winemaking prowess. After touring, tasting and evaluating everything on offer, our own Ceo, Jeremy Noye, picked J.K. Carriere, lingua Franca and Walter Scott to be represented at morrell Wine and in this year's catalog. each one is a collector's item, extremely limited, and sure to bring many years of pleasure. ✦ bottle J.K. Carriere Pinot Noir Le Choix de St dolores (Chehalem Mountains) 2016 (1705465) $199 Lingua Franca Pinot Noir Rikolto du (eola-amity Hills) 2016 (1705467) $199 Walter Scott Pinot Noir Cuvee Lucille Temperance Hill Vineyard (eola-amity Hills) 2016 750ml (1705466) $199 1.5L (2705466) $425 OReGON'S ReCeNT RiSe iN POPuLaRiTY iS uNPReCedeNTed This once sleepy corner of domestic wine has had new life breathed into it by a realization from winemakers around the world that the terroir of Oregon is capable of creating Pinot Noir and Chardonnay that compete with the best of Burgundy. add to this an infl ux of new, young winemakers and the generational changes in the region's most historic addresses, and you have all the necessary ingredients for success. it's a new day for Oregon, and each passing vintage appears to be outpacing the one before.

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