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| 125 MORRELL FINE WINE AND SPIRITS V ISIT u S AT MORRELLWINE .c OM cALL 800.96.WINES (800.969.4637) ITA l Y T H e W OR d iS Ou T P aolo Bea was once a name that was only whispered between collectors in the know, because we all knew that once the wines caught on, this small artisan winemaker's production would disappear quickly. That day has arrived for his Sagrantino and Sangiovese, but luckily the word isn't fully out on Paolo Bea's Arboreus, a unique 100% Trebbiano Spoletino. The Paolo Bea estate takes a completely natural approach to farming and a non- interventionist approach in the winery. This isn't about modern-day catch phrases. In fact, nothing about the way Paolo Bea works is " m odern Day," making wine the same way that their ancestors did before them. The Arboreous is selected from old vine Trebbiano that hangs high above the ground. o nce in the winery, the grapes see up to three weeks of skin contact before being moved to stainless steel for up to two years, where the wine never sees a single drop of sulfur. This results in a textural masterpiece of a wine, one that deserves decanting and hours of meditation. ✦ Paolo Bea a rboreus Bianco u mbria 2011 $52 "...notes of mineral-infused young peach and masses of inner floral tones… coats the senses in floral extract..." Eric Guido (1528102) iT a LY ' S N OBL e W H i T e: G R e CO di Tu FO Q uintodecimo has received acclaim from critics for years now, yet has somehow gone unnoticed in the States. Antonio Galloni has spoken out about Quintodecimo, calling it, "among the most exciting wines being made in Italy today." This praise was largely the result of tasting the Giallo d'Arles, made from the indigenous Greco di Tufo grape. It was in 2001 that Quintodecimo began their fully organic production in Campania's volcanic soils. The philosophy is one of individual perfection within each vine and allowing the grapes to achieve optimal ripeness. Yet this can be said of many wineries. What truly separates Quintodecimo from the rest is passion, which comes through in their Greco di Tufo like terroir itself. It's a rich and layered white wine of incredible balance and poise, which is well-deserving of its cult status. ✦ Quintodecimo Greco di Tufo Jaune d' a rles 2017 $46 "...After more than ten years of tasting here I believe that the Greco di Tufo Giallo d'Arles is his best bottling." Ian D'Agata "...Rich yet wonderfully refreshing... the Jaune d'Arles seemed to both coat yet cleanse the senses all at once... another wonderful vintage from Quintodecimo with what has become my favorite Greco in production today." Eric Guido (1552090)

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