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vISIT u S AT mo RR ell WIN e. C om mo RR ell FIN e WIN e AND SPIRITS C A ll 800.96.WIN e S (800.969.4637) C ONS i ST e NTLY Ou TST a N di NG B rut Premier was developed after the First World War, when more than half of the Roederer's estate vineyards were destroyed. The idea was to source the best fruit to create a multi-vintage Champagne of which they could be proud, while rebuilding the company's holdings. The success of Brut Premier has kept this bottling alive to this day, and it is still one of the most consistently outstanding examples of Non- v intage Brut year after year. ✦ Louis Roederer Brut Premier NV WS 91 » $49 "This is one of the finest recent releases of Brut Premier that I can recall for the cellar, as this has the balance and spine of acidity to age long and very gracefully!" Alison Napjus (181330) T H e Si GN a T u R e S TYL e T he Champagne house of Deutz can lay claim to a successful history spanning over 150 years, thought to be the result of the importance placed on terroir since the very beginning. The estate parcels continue to define the Deutz style of finesse, freshness and refinement. The Rosé Champagne is an unparalleled expression of place and varietal. m ade from Grand Cru Pinot Noir from m ontagne de Reims, with a small addition of Chardonnay and red wine from the estate's oldest vines on the hill of Aÿ, it's a Rosé of remarkable textures contrasted by the signature finesse of Deutz. ✦ d eutz Brut Rosé W a 91 » $55 "... this Champagne combines its serious character with great delicacy and fruit finesse." Stephen Reinhardt (180721) CHA m PAGN e | 11

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